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1. List your Artwork for free

You won't be charged any fees for listing your Artwork. Artelier only takes 15% commission when you sell your Artwork.

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Be noticed by new audiences and let us help you market and sell your Art on the Artelier platform.

3. Ship your Artwork

We give Artists control over shipping costs and offer a returns period of 7 days for any works purchased on Artelier.

About us

Hi there, we're Artelier

Dave and Sam here - the founders of Artelier. We're two brothers from Sydney and while we're not artists ourselves (we do try) we created Artelier out of a love for discovering art and making it more affordable for Australian artists. While there are companies like Artelier already in Australia, we found these companies are taking way too much of the artist's share. That's why at Artelier we take less than half the commission of our competitors - meaning more money for the artist.‍

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